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Child of Light now on PlayStation Vita

Now you can play your favorite 2D RPG game on PlayStation Vita and embark on a fantastic quest to defeat the Dark Queen and save the Kingdom of Lemuria.

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Music Composer Cœur de Pirate

Today on the Child of Light developer blog we reached out to Cœur de Pirate to talk about writing the music for Child of Light.

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Community Art Showcase

Thank you to all the Child of Light fans for your inspiring art work. Check out our favorites.

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Accolades Trailer - Child of Light

"A return to classic JRPG wonder." - Destructoid

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Lead Programmer Brie Code

Today we interviewed Brie Code, Lead Programmer for Child of Light. We talked about working on a small and diverse team and female protagonists.

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Review Trailer - Child of Light

"Every aspect of Child of Light has an unmistakably artisinal, organic feel to it." - IGN

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Child of Light is Available Now!

Join Aurora across the mysterious kingdom of Lemuria on her quest to return home.

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Concept Artist Serge Meirinho

Today we interviewed concept artist Serge Meirinho about designing characters for Child of Light.

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The Making of Child of Light- Part 3

In this behind-the-scenes video for Child of Light, Writer Jeffrey Yohalem depicts Aurora's transformative journey in a dreamy fairy tale adventure entirely written in rhyme.

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The Evolution of Aurora

This week we sat down with Art Director Thomas Rollus to talk about the creation process for Aurora.

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The Making of Child of Light- Part 2

Music composer Coeur de Pirate and audio designer Hugo Bastien discuss how they bring the music and sounds to life in this behind-the-scenes trailer for Child of Light.

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Game Designer Aurelie Debant

Today we have Aurelie Debant who will tell us about Aurora’s powers and spells as she embarks on her journey through Lemuria.

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The Art of Yoshitaka Amano

The Child of Light team collaborated with world-renowned Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano to create unique artwork inspired by the game.

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Senior Level Designer Pascal Theriault

Today we interview Senior Level Designer Pascal Theriault.

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Release date announced and a brand new trailer

We are happy to announce Child of light, our turn-based RPG set in the magical world of Lemuria, will be released on April 30, 2014.

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Technical Artist Carol Bertrand

Today we have Technical Artist Carol Bertrand to talk to us about VFX. We’ll talk about working on a fantasy title and what it’s like to make VFX with the Ubi Art Framework.

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Jeff Preshing and Clement Menu small

Technical Architect Jeff Preshing and Gameplay Programmer Clément Menu

This week's on the Child of Light developer blog we have Technical Architect Jeff Preshing and Gameplay Programmer Clément Menu.

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Animator Marie-Agnes Guy

We sat down with Marie-Agnes and talked about Child of light, 2D animation and Fan art. Here’s what she had to say.

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Vivian Rocray : Illustrator

We interviewed Vivian what it’s like to be an illustrator on Child of light. Here’s what he had to say.

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Game designers Aurélie Debant and Mélissa Cazzaro

This week we interviewed our game designers Aurélie Debant and Melissa Cazzaro. Here's what they had to say about working on Child of Light.

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